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Feng Shui is an ancient process that teaches us that everything is energy and that every person is in a constant energy exchange with that environment…whether it is a custom home, garden or work environment.

Have you ever noticed that when you invite people to your home, there is a certain energy exchange? In other words, you generally feel better because they bring in positive energy. Your custom home designed with the Feng Shui mentality can then feed positive energy back to them…thus creating a positive, relaxing environment for your invited guests and family.

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Feng Shui Home Designs:

At The Eligius Homes Company, our clients work closely with our Feng Shui expert to understand our clients' energy, lifestyle habits, goals, and schedules. This is not a one time meeting where our home designing expert meets with you, takes a few notes and sees you at the closing. No, Feng Shui and building a home with the Feng Shui mentality is a constant process. All the family members are met, their likes / dislikes and patterns are discussed, then designs are proposed and adjusted as needed.

All of this translates into a unique architectural design and the perfect custom luxury home environment for your family and guests.

Custom Luxury HomesThe Eligius Homes Company can also help you re-model your home using the Feng Shui process. You can start by connecting with your home room by room and finding the conflicting energy. Then accept the rooms for what they currently are and decide how to correct it. Do not avoid these projects. Something as simple as changing the color in that guest bathroom that you have to walk by often can start reflecting positive energy.

Let the Feng Shui expert consultants that The Eligius Homes Company work with help with your new home design or re-model. The reward will be, not just a beautiful home, but a place of rejuvenation and solace after a busy day.

Ready to plan or find out more about a Feng Shui Home? Call 978 443 7801 or email The Eligius Homes Company today! We can re-model or design your new home using the Feng Shui process.

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